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The Application Encountered An I/o Errorbtrieve Error 2

In Btrieve for Windows v6.15, the value specified for the Number of Locks configuration option is out of range. However, when you access a Btrieve file via Xfh2btr from within a transaction, the whole file is given a temporary exclusive file lock which prevents other users from accessing the file The key field position specified is less than 1 or exceeds the defined record length for the file. On a Get Direct/Chunk operation, the descriptor structure in the data buffer is incorrect, or it is inconsistent (either internally or in respect to the data buffer length). http://linuxprofilm.com/the-application/the-application-has-encountered-an-error-and-cannot-continue.html

If this happens, the second user finds the file empty and an attempt to read the file results in an "at end" error. This may occur when an application performs a large number of open and close operations and the service has been running a long time. For example, in your program you may have the following SELECT statement: $set callfh select testfile-1 assign to "test-1.dat" organization indexed record key prime-key access sequential. For more information on configuration options, see Chapter 3, "Installing and Configuring Btrieve for Windows." 1009: The transaction filename parameter is invalid. find this

The number of key segments must be within the following limits: Page Size Max. What action are you invoking in PCC? See the description of the FILETYPE directive below. FILETYPE Compiler Directive The FILETYPE Compiler directive specifies the file format of files created by your program. In the server�based Btrieve environment, or in the DOS or OS/2 client�based Btrieve environments, either use the RECOVER command in the Btrieve Maintenance utility to retrieve as many as possible of

Reply With Quote 07-01-09,13:41 #3 probelaw View Profile View Forum Posts Registered User Join Date Jul 2004 Posts 45 Currently, it is an ASP script that loops through about 95 file If you SQL query is causing the engine to go to 100% CPU usage, you're probably not using an index. In this situation, Status Code 103 indicates that Btrieve made no changes to the record. 104: Btrieve does not recognize the locale. In the server�based Btrieve environment, or in the DOS or OS/2 client�bas xed Btrieve environments, either use the RECOVER command in the Btrieve Maintenance utility to retrieve the damaged file�s data

Returned as COBOL status: 9/007 The application encountered an unrecoverable error. If the re-positioning after the WRITE operation fails, an error is returned when the sequential READ is attempted. Line 22 shows the error status 29 being returned from the Btrieve run-time system and that this is returned to the COBOL application as a 9/078 status. http://sagecity.na.sage.com/support_communities/sage_businessworks/f/62/t/28474 You tried to attach to NetWare Btrieve on a server but the SPX connection table or the Btrieve client table is full.

Many clients are performing large transactions concurrently. Notes: You can call the module _BTRV from your COBOL program using the same parameters as those used in Btrieve API calls. Reply With Quote 07-09-09,15:12 #10 probelaw View Profile View Forum Posts Registered User Join Date Jul 2004 Posts 45 Will work on getting updated DDFs, meanwhile...When I tried to rebuild that For details of these open modes, consult your Btrieve documentation.

An extension to your real life group of friends, interests and communities. Returned as COBOL status: 9/139 The record length specified (plus overhead for duplicates, record usage count, variable record pointer, key pointer and blank truncation information) must be less than or equal Also, Btrieve prohibits certain operations during transactions because they have too great an effect on the file or on Btrieve�s performance. Use the Btrieve Setup utility to decrease the value of the Number of Remote Sessions configuration option (thereby decreasing the number of concurrent Btrieve users).

Perform a Drop Index operation to completely remove the damaged index from the file. http://linuxprofilm.com/the-application/the-application-has-encountered-an-unexpected-error-and-is-now-exiting.html Returned as COBOL status: 9/068 The file is locked. If no trace-file is specified then the default trace filename of xfh2btr.lst is used. The file specified is not a Btrieve file.

When the Btrieve engine receives such a cancellation request, it attempts to terminate the currently executing Btrieve operation and ceases to call the callback function for the duration of that operation. Two possible reasons for receiving this status code are as follows: The page size is invalid. Use the wait option (+100/+300) instead of the nowait option (in versions of Btrieve that support the wait option). http://linuxprofilm.com/the-application/the-application-has-encountered-a-fatal-error-and-must-close.html The dbtrv.obj module should be linked in if the application is to run as an executable file.

Btrieve cannot open the file since it cannot obtain exclusive access. To access files with variable�length records, you must use a v4.x or later interface. 54: The variable�length portion of the record is corrupt. For more information on the configuration options, see the Installation and Operation manual for your Btrieve v6.x environment.

See the section Xfh2btr Configuration File for more details. BTRPAGE Environment Variable The BTRPAGE environment variable specifies the page size that is used when Btrieve files are created.

For example, with the single-user version of Btrieve, accessing a file in accelerated access implicitly makes the file exclusive to that user. Lock files are used only for v6.x files opened in MEFS mode. 1007: The file parameter is out of range. This means that the CRP in a Btrieve file has to be restored to its original position so that sequential READ statements are not affected. In addition, Btrieve executed the Abort Transaction operation.

Returned as COBOL status: 9/077 This error should not be encountered if using XFH2BTR. The operation cannot be executed because the file is not open. Returned as COBOL status: 9/025 This error only occurs on the Developer Kit version of client-based Btrieve which limits the number of concurrent users of a file to five engines. 15.3.1 http://linuxprofilm.com/the-application/the-application-has-encountered-an-error-and-cannot-continue-blackberry.html None of the currently�shipping language interfaces return Status Code 23. 24: The page size or data buffer size is invalid.

If you are working with files created by Btrieve versions earlier than v6.0 and you are in a transaction, the pre�image file size increases for the duration of the transaction. The application must close all files and end all transactions before calling btrvstop. 1015: One of the pointer parameters passed to Btrieve is invalid. The value must be between 1 and 255, inclusive.