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There Was A Capture Error In Playback Sagetv

If your anti-virus is out of date then chances are viruses can pass through it easily. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. On the other hand, increasing your pagefile size will do if you think you could still work on your RAM. Stretch S_Video=Video S_Video_Background_Color=Video Background Color S_Video_Directories=Video Directories S_Video_Library=Video Library S_Video_Menu_Options=Video Menu Options S_Video_Menu_Style=Video Menu Style S_Video_Menu_Style_=Video Menu Style: S_Video_Orbiting_Duration=Video Orbiting Duration S_Video_Overlay_Renderer=Video Overlay Renderer S_Video_Renderer=Video Renderer S_View=View S_View_Upcoming_Recording_Schedule=View Upcoming Recording Schedule More about the author

Please check our System Requirements page at www.sagetv.com/requirements.html.  Go to the display settings for your video card. There are times that this error is because of the attack of a virus so make sure your anti-virus is always updated. Normally these errors exist due to driver problems, incompatibility of the PC module applications along with other little troubles that left undetected. S_Don_t_Configure_Tuning=Don't Configure Tuning S_Don_t_do_anything=Don't do anything S_Done=Done S_Done_with_Channel_Setup=Done with Channel Setup S_Double_Refresh_Rate=Double Refresh Rate S_ENABLE_Parental_Controls=ENABLE Parental Controls S_Enable_All_Channels=Enable All Channels S_Enable_Random_Playback=Enable Random Playback S_Enable_TV_Out_for_PVR_350=Enable TV Out for PVR-350 S_Enable_UI_on_TV_Out_of_PVR_350=Enable UI on https://forums.sagetv.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15550

This is not possible. MEDIAPLAYER_ERROR_DVD_COPYPROTECT=There is a problem playing the DVD content due to Macrovision or CSS. S_There_was_an_error_learning_the_remote_control_code_Please_release_the_button_on_the_remote_control_=There was an error learning the remote control code. Is there a way to export my recording schedule?

it's a little bit like shooting in the dark trying to trouble shoot these types of issues via msg board =) saclarkdoc 2005-03-19 19:27:31 UTC #6 Rampy - I re-installed Sage You can do this by creating a new DWORD value in the registry. Reload to refresh your session. Please try the request again.

MEDIAPLAYER_ERROR_FILESYSTEM=There was a problem accessing the filesystem for playback. If your question still remains unanswered, submit a support request at www.sagetv.com/request.html and we will reply within 72 hours.   Contents[show] General Crashes and Errors  Edit If you are receiving errors If you are using an Actisys IR-200L: Make sure you uninstall any software related to the Actisys prior to installing SageTV or SageTV Recorder. You more than likely have the Overlay surface set to be on the monitor only, so video will show up as black on your TV.    Make sure you have a

S_Are_you_sure_you_want_to_ENABLE_all_of_the_channels_=Are you sure you want to ENABLE all of the channels? Would you like to create it?" D__The_newly_selected_recording_PrintAiringShort_RequestedRecord_conflicts_with_scheduled_recordings_Please_select_an_option_="The newly selected recording " + PrintAiringShort(RequestedRecord) + " conflicts with scheduled recordings. Please ensure that the device is connected. S_Set_Don_t_Like=Set Don't Like S_Set_Watched=Set Watched S_Setup=Setup S_Setup_Menu=Setup Menu S_Setup_Wizard=Setup Wizard S_Setup_Wizard_Summary=Setup Wizard Summary S_Sharpness=Sharpness S_Show_Mouse_Icons=Show Mouse Icons S_Show_SageTV_Commands_linked_to_Infrared_Keystroke=Show SageTV Commands linked to Infrared/Keystroke S_Sleep_Mode=Sleep Mode S_Slide_Duration=Slide Duration S_Slideshow=Slideshow S_Slideshow_Options=Slideshow Options S_Slideshow_Transition_Duration=Slideshow

and=and Enter_Server_Address=Enter the IP address or name of the SageTV Server Network_Error=Network Error Network_Cannot_Connect_Error=Unable to connect to the SageTV server at the specified address.
Please make sure you entered the name/IP address Or, the trial period is sometimes reset when a new version of SageTV is released. S_Use_the_Up_Down_Left_and_Right_arrows_to_position_the_top_left_corner_of_the_user_interface_Press_Enter_when_done_=Use the Up, Down, Left and Right arrows to position the top left corner of the user interface. You’ll need to Google around for your device’s specific RUU file, but once you download it, save the … Sap Edi Error Report Allows Global Enterprises To Use a Single Communications

Enter_Username=Enter Username Enter_Password=Enter Password Invalid_username_or_password_entered=Invalid username or password entered. MEDIAPLAYER_WARNING_DVD_INVALIDOP=This operation is currently not allowed for this DVD. Sometimes the use of a Signal Amplifier can work. Make sure SageTV is closed and open up your Sage.properties file and look for this line, "scheduler_export_file=".

Click on Video Always on Top. video decoder for testing should be the intervideo non-css hauppuge one.. Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. click site See details for the Hauppauge Remote in the Appendix.

S_You_must_setup_a_Source_before_doing_Channel_Setup_Please_run_the_Setup_Wizard_=You must setup a Source before doing Channel Setup. You signed in with another tab or window. DVD=DVD Playback=Playback Capture=Capture MEDIAPLAYER_ERROR_DIRECTX_INSTALL=There was an problem using DirectX for playback.

You can fix this by unplugging the device attached in your PC or uninstalling the most recent software as you boot it utilizing the Safe Mode.

S_Use_the_Left_and_Right_arrows_to_adjust_the_start_time_in_minutes_Use_Page_Left_Rew_and_Page_Right_FF_to_adjust_in_15_minute_increments_Press_Enter_when_done_=Use the Left and Right arrows to adjust the start time in minutes. Details:" D__There_was_an_error_playing_the_selection_of_n_ResultCode="There was an error playing the selection of:\n" + ResultCode D__These_are_the_Channels_available_for_Lineup_Enabled_Channels_have_a_green_dot_next_to_them_Select_a_Channel_to_Enable_Disable_it_="These are the Channels available for " + Lineup + ". This feature tunes the drive to capture video data streams on a … Furthermore, if the cable goes out or an error occurs while recording in MythTV … program while recording Change the Rendering Filter from Overlay to Default or vice versa.

The TV plays fine through WinTV 2000; however, when I try to watch the TV through SAGE I receive the following error message: "Sage Playback exception: Error (-4,0x0): There was a In case you have insufficient RAM space, you will need to buy more RAM chips. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. When your RAM is too low, this problem might also take place.

Nonetheless, if it is about a missing file, then you need to go over the web and search for a downloadable file of it. CAPTURE_ERROR_FILESYSTEM=There was a problem accessing the filesystem for capture. Yes=Yes No=No Use_SageTV_Service=Use SageTV Service SageTV_Service_State=SageTV Service State Run_Service_As_User=Run Service As User SageTV_Service_Control=SageTV Service Control Change_User=Change User Refresh=Refresh Enable_Service_Recovery=Enable Service Recovery About=About SageTV_Service_Info=About SageTV Service\n----------------------------\nRunning SageTV as a service means that