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There Was An Error Starting The Gnome Settings Daemon Hardy

elwinvdbeek (elwinvdbeek) wrote on 2008-03-22: #42 Hi, When i did disable the xserver-xgl and did enable compiz it WORKS! ;-) unfortunately the bar to close or minimize windows is gone... Subscribing... Fwiw, I have seen numerous other reports in the past of people who had inadvertently installed xserver-xgl back in Feisty days, which sometimes caused massive performance issues after upgrading to Gutsy. What works for me is to add the argument "+extension XInputExtension" to the vnc4server invocation. http://linuxprofilm.com/there-was/there-was-an-error-starting-the-gnome-settings-daemon.html

AFAIR they do support Xgl. Runtime resolution changes to the display size are not available. ** (gnome-settings-daemon:4295): WARNING **: numlock: XkbQueryExtension returned an error ** (gnome-settings-daemon:4295): WARNING **: Neither XKeyboard not Xfree86's keyboard extensions are available, Applying help towards confirming and providing extra info on any of those bugs (which are in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24) would help in moving things forward. GNOME will still try to restart the Settings Daemon next time you log in." This happens on my HP dv6345us laptop.

Xlib: extension "XInputExtension" missing on display ":1.0". Surprising that more people aren't seeing this issue. An observation: When VNC is first launched, the theme I've chosen displays fine.

See full activity log To post a comment you must log in. i clicked on system / preferences / appearance.. I did so, had lots of fun modifying metacity.xml files & finally got my desktop looking just how I wanted it. Now I understand that it's not my fault by yet another Fedora6 bug.

It is at an early stage in development and a number of important pieces are still missing. Only when I am logged in via VNC (vnc4server is configured to spawn a new GDM session while tunneled through SSH over a WAN) does this happen - and only after I had this working under Gusty... So, you cannot count on a stable system with nVidia texture-from-pixmap implementation + Compiz.

Don't think it's necessary though. Thanks. (Sorry I've been less responsive lately - I came down pretty ill yesterday and have been out of sorts.) Jared (jared-thanhandjared) wrote on 2008-03-13: #18 This deb has fixed the Thanks for all the help this far. Edit bug mail Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else Related questions update-manager in Ubuntu: Ubuntu 8.04 recent update now causes error window at launch.

Jamal Fanaian (jamalta) wrote on 2008-04-01: #76 @Bryce Harrington, If I should be migrating off of Xgl, how can I improve my AIGLX experience? navigate to this website but first, i uninstalled emerald: sudo apt-get remove emerald sudo apt-get autoremove emerald sudo reboot this didn't resolve the issue, same lag loading the desktop, and same error when i went So far so good! Please add "deb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com gutsy main universe" to your sources and install the packages libgtk2.0-0-dbgsym libgnome-desktop-2-dbgsym and gnome-settings-daemon-dbgsym.

I apologize. my review here My error may not be exactly as in this bug (sounded just like it when I read it). So it is time for a post ;-) This is how the problem did start for me i heave a Toshiba laptop with a Nvidia go force 420, normally compiz wont Log in. 3.

Mark as duplicate Convert to a question Link a related branch Link to CVE You are not directly subscribed to this bug's notifications. my desktop was slow to load again and once my launchers had loaded on my panel, my theme settings disappeared & reverted to the default look. xrdb: "*Label.background" on line 220 overrides entry on line 150 xrdb: "*Text.background" on line 226 overrides entry on line 191 xrdb: "*Label.foreground" on line 232 overrides entry on line 151 xrdb: click site After a little experimentation and research, I discovered what I think is a solution (or at least an easy workaround).

when running hardy clean installation and also disabling sound support as not needed and XRandR as well, I get quite the same output as you guys. and this time i did get a screenshot.. so I disappointed by the regressive behavior...

I do not have xgl installed.

rebooted after both just to be sure (as I wasn't sure if the change was immediate or not). gnome-settings-daemon was patched earlier to check for xrandr version 1.2. I'm not sure exactly what caused so many people to get xgl turned on, though. @XGL users - if someone could compile and run this program and check that it does elwinvdbeek (elwinvdbeek) wrote on 2008-03-20: #39 Hi there, I am following this threat for a couple of days but the solution was not there for me.

Join Us! Tried reinstalling: sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome-settings-daemon and that stops on "Unpacking replacement gnome-settings-daemon" w/disk light constant on. http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Testing/XrandrGui/gnome-settings-daemon_2.21.92-0ubuntu2~bwh1_i386.deb Note that this does NOT fix gnome-display-properties; it will still either crash, or fail to do anything when Apply is hit. navigate to this website bart (bottenberg) wrote on 2008-03-12: #15 I'm have the same error message in .xsession-errors when I try to run compiz-fussion.

GNOME will still try to restart the Settings Daemon next time you log in. James Westby (james-w) wrote on 2008-07-31: #18 Hi, Thanks for testing. vBulletin 2000 - 2016, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. It has pictures!

The system sends now an bug report. You may search launchpad for related bugreports. Like the error suggests, I do have trouble changing themes and screensaver preferences. ii gnome-settings-daemon GNOME settings daemon Add tags Tag help Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote on 2008-02-11: #1 Thank you for your bug.

http://learn.linkedin.com/what-is-linkedin ------ (c) 2009, LinkedIn Corporation See full activity log To post a comment you must log in. I'm running Kubuntu, and see this error on lots of apps, not just gnome-settings-daemon. Xlib: extension "XInputExtension" missing on display "". Some things, such as themes, sounds, or background settings may not work correctly.. " -now i'm kicking myself for not recording the exact error because the next part of that message

This probably reflects a bug in the program. This bug was already confirmed so it should be in status "Confirmed", "In Progress", or "Fix *". Xlib: extension "XInputExtension" missing on display ":1.0". i did some more customizations just to be sure..

Jamal Fanaian Tomasz Sterna (smoku) wrote on 2008-04-01: #77 You may try OpenSuSE.