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The error could happen inside a require callback. To fix the error, contact the website owner. source requires a media tag (amp-audio, amp-video, etc.). Newer versions might have slightly different steps.

Asked about 9 months ago by Jill Buhler1 Vote · 3 Followers · Seen by 129Good QuestionFollow this Question · ShareAnswersRecent answersTop answersAdd AnswerAsk a friend to answer this question?RemoveSend RequestHow Tags are whitelisted, so there is no definitive list of all disallowed tags; however, the AMP specification broadly defines the set of disallowed tags. Or was part of a shim config that did not set a string value for the exports config option. The optimizer knows how to name anonymous modules correctly so that they can be combined with other modules in an optimized file. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Error

For example, one common trigger for this error is invalid values for URLs. Damyan Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total) Moderator James Huff @macmanx 11 months, 1 week ago You'll have to contact your hosting provider about that. Error.prototype.message Error message. This error occurs when the property name inside an attribute isn't allowed.

In particular, try removing the checkmark from "Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time" and apply the change (OK). If you manually code a script tag in HTML to load a script that has a few named modules, but then try to load an anonymous module that ends up having The validator will throw errors for unsupported layouts, and it will check validation rules for the pre-defined layout. AMP HTML tag and attribute errors Mandatory tag missing Tag required by another tag is missing Disallowed tag Mandatory attribute missing Invalid attribute value Disallowed attribute Mandatory text missing or incorrect

Nevertheless, we renamed the htaccess file in order to see if the issue comes from there. Warning: Non-table node initialisation3. This error occurs when exactly one instance of the tag is allowed, and a duplicate is found. If a general error has occurred, it will be shown here More detailed information can be obtained from the network panel will show all of the requests made by Chrome to

Enable developer menu 3. Facebook Blueprint: eLearning to help you better leverage Facebook advertising to drive real business results. Invalid require call§ 5 This occurs when there is a call like: require('dependency', function (dependency) {}); Asynchronously loading dependencies should use an array to list the dependencies: require(['dependency'], function (dependency) {}); Refresh the page to allow Firefox to capture all requests The network panel will show all of the requests made by Firefox to load the page.

At the top of your computer screen, click View Show Expired Certificates. Module name ... Currently, the only example is a template tag, which may not be nested under another template tag. The most common errors are: 404 - Not Found.

Properties Standard properties Error.prototype.constructor Specifies the function that created an instance's prototype. Ajax response 4. Facebook IQ: Insights to help marketers understand people across generations, geographies, devices and time. Note: If you don't specify the layout, and you don't include width and height values, the layout defaults to CONTAINER.

If you want to exclude that file from being included, and just need to map "dependency" for the build (otherwise it will not build), then use the special "empty:" paths config: To fix these errors, navigate to the extended component's reference page, copy it's required script, and paste it into the AMP document . This error occurs when you've CSS syntax errors in the specified tag. This error occurs anytime the validator finds unescaped Mustache template syntax in an attribute value.

This is due to IE's quirks in detecting script errors. If you are using a single domain, ensure you are specifying a relative or absolute path without a domain name (i.e. Mandatory tag ancestor Code MANDATORY_TAG_ANCESTOR Format "The tag '%1' may only appear as a descendant of tag '%2'." Fix Either remove the tag or make it a descendant of the specific

This error occurs when the attribute value is invalid for the specified layout.

Syntax new Error([message[, fileName[, lineNumber]]]) Parameters message Optional. How do I fix it?Error received: The page has a street address - How do I fix...How do I fix this error with Facebook Ads Extension in Magen...Embed code: the sharing The URL requested was not found on the server. Marketing on FacebookRaise Brand AwarenessGenerate LeadsIncrease Local SalesDrive Online SalesPromote Your AppPagesAdsTargetingHow People See AdsInstagram AdsAdvertising PoliciesSuccess StoriesLearn HowYour Facebook PageHow Facebook Ads WorkMeasuring ResultsCreating an AdBusiness ManagerPower EditorTips and RecommendationsAdvertiser

That same format works for UglifyJS2. Step 2: Try opening the webpage in Incognito mode (computer only) Open the page in an incognito window. Disallowed tag ancestor Code DISALLOWED_TAG_ANCESTOR Format "The tag '%1' may not appear as a descendant of tag '%2'." Fix Remove (or move) the disallowed nested tag. noscript must be a descendant of body.

Sign in to the portal to use the Internet. If you are getting this error, and aren't sure why, check the relevant AMP tag's specification to see if the attribute requires HTTPS. Attribute not allowed by specified layout Code ATTR_DISALLOWED_BY_SPECIFIED_LAYOUT Format "The attribute '%1' in tag '%2' is disallowed by implied layout '%3'." Fix Remove the disallowed attribute from the tag, or else But there are some restrictions to ensure pages load fast, and the AMP validator enforces these restrictions.

To fix it: Make sure you reference the network dependency as a module name, not as a full URL, so that it can be mapped to a different during the build: Editor: Unable to automatically determine field from source.13.