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Thunderbird Error 5.7.1

Click on OK to save Account settings. I have search this in google for too long. Supply info: Help > troubleshooting Information do not select / uncheck: 'Include account names' click on 'copy text to clipboard' paste info into this question. christ1 Top 10 Contributor 1482 solutions 10431 answers Posted 9/26/15, 11:03 AM Is Bend Broadband also an ISP, and are you connecting to the Internet through them, or via a different click site

How to migrate to a new iRedMail server More documents: http://www.iredmail.org/docs/. This is usually the same username/password used for the POP/IMAP server. My broadband provider email platform has the same settings and works fine, so does the email on my tablet and my phone. Sometimes, a client can be configured to use a given relay, but not actually setup to authenticate with it. https://support.mozilla.org/questions/1085441

Could a problem with the ISP affect my outgoing mail? when a solution is found. Since I dont use morzilla thunderbird I dont know which username and password it requires?

Under outgoing server (SMTP) select your outgoing bend broadband account Select the Authentication method and change that to normal password the user name will be your full email address I suggest Are you using these settings? In the long run it can only be good. Your username (without the @isot.com) and password.

maybe he's wrong, but he hasn't gotten back to me about this problem.. What's even stranger is one of my clients, who also uses Thunderbird, started having the same problem at the same time too. There is a place to write username and password is asked when i try to send it. Some common authentication methods: "SMTP-AUTH" has the user provide a separate username and password for the SMTP server.

Under outgoing server (SMTP) select your outgoing bend broadband account Select the Authentication method and change that to normal password the user name will be your full email address I suggest The mail server responded: Please try again later. I have tried both settings and get the same error message. I was asked to confirm Password on sending my first email, but I checked the box to Save the password using Password Manager.

If you get any error messages please tell me..word for word. ''re :account2 (pop3) pop.nifty.com:110 なし 暗号化されたパスワード認証 smtp.nifty.com:25 SSL/TLS 通常のパスワード認証 true'' I notice that you are using port 25 to send. http://portableapps.com/node/42060 This page has been accessed 289,540 times. Any help would be appreciated. you could easily find this out by contacting your ISP.

At one time this was a common configuration. http://linuxprofilm.com/thunderbird-error/thunderbird-error-1000.html edit/remove all info on fonts and printers but nothing else. Success, thanks for the tip off :) Portions of this content are ©1998–2016 by individual mozilla.org contributors. Thanks for your help.

I do have a password. Can you help get this fixed? Try this: change the outgoing server (SMTP) port to '''465''' Tools > Account Settings > Outgoing Server (SMTP) select the server name and click on 'Edit' button * Description: Nifty Mail navigate to this website I got these settings here https://bendbroadband.com/residential/support/detail.asp?kb=100084 Right click the account in the folder tree and select settings.

I undated Thunderbird a couple weeks ago. Do not check box "Include account names"! * Paste this in your post. Please check the message recipient [email protected] and try again."I am using SMTP port 25 without any security authenticationlogin name using [email protected] (I hidden my real domain)Here is the log in maillogFeb

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Please check the message and try again. many things, like going out cruising on the ATV please let us know more when you find out eLearner0649 2010-04-17 20:54:46 UTC #6 i have begun experiencing the same problem for I'll check it and come back to you k4k4shi Posted 9/24/14, 4:09 AM Question owner Sorry, we were unable to send the message. I also got error whilst Tbird tried saving Draft.

Had I been more observant I would have spotted that. I'd have thought it was a server problem, however I have multiple accounts from multiple websites and different hosts coming through Thunderbird. Did someone else use my computer or something. http://linuxprofilm.com/thunderbird-error/thunderbird-error-5-1-1.html Shaun 2010-04-26 00:19:07 UTC #9 eLearner0649 said: Flow Trinidad HAHAHAHAHAHA!

looks like they're not blocking it, but more like they have gotten a new spamfilter that may not work as smooth as they thought it would on port 25 Shaun_OfTheDead said: looks like they have been updating their mailserver(s), and while updating you could not send mail (first error msg from server) Now you've gotten another error msg from the server stating Trying to figure out how to disable AVG, although it's set up to not scan outgoing messages, so it seems unlikely that it's the culprit. account1 (none) Local Folders なし 通常のパスワード認証 account2 (pop3) pop.nifty.com:110 なし 暗号化されたパスワード認証 smtp.nifty.com:25 SSL/TLS 通常のパスワード認証 true bp-ab292b1f-7704-4175-889d-3c1392140207 2014/02/07 bp-a94f4a23-a0bb-441a-9a06-a71372140127 2014/01/27 bp-c3eee3aa-3d5e-41fc-9ee9-90b7c2131003 2013/10/03 bp-dd82e6ca-5c58-41e4-a5f7-73a9e2130709 2013/07/09 Addon Quick Locale Switcher true {25A1388B-6B18-46c3-BEBA-A81915D0DE8F} accessibility.browsewithcaret

Is it the account username and password ??because it is not working. It has taken about a decade for this change to filter down, but the last holdouts are starting to close off this spam source for good. I just tried port 26, and it worked!